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Resources for common issues.
User Quickstart
This welcome guide is a quick way to get started on NEDOCS for every user.
Welcome to NEDOCS
I want to subscribe my hospital.
Starting NEDOCS for your hospital is easy. Click the Setup button on the top right hand corner to begin the process. You need to be an authorized user to carry out this process. The first NEDOCS user is usually the administrator of the system. You will need your hospital email ID to successfully create your user profile. You must also accept the Enterprise Agreement for your hospital during this process.

How do I reactivate my hospital's subscription?
Please contact us at to reactivate your subscription.

User Management
How do I add users?
Users create their own account. They will need an organizational email address to receive invites. Invite users to create accounts under the Team tab on the Home screen. You will only see the Invite button if you have admin privileges.

How do I remove users?
Find users under Main Menu > Hospital Settings. Click on the user and open their profile. Click Delete User.

How do I add more administrators?
Find users under Main Menu > Hospital Settings. Click on the user and open their profile. Click on the Admin role.

Can I add users without an email?
All users on NEDOCS need an email address. Email is the way each user manages their user accounts.

Can a user delete their own account?
Users create their own account but they cannot delete them. The hospital administrator has the account management responsibility.

Can a user have accounts at two facilities?
Users can be a part of two facilities. They can switch between facilities using the dropdown next to the hospital name.

Can I change a user's notifications?
Users manage their own notification preferences. An administrator cannot force notifications onto a user.
User Access
How do I create a user account?
You must have an invitation from your NEDOCS administrator to create your account. Follow the prompts in the invitation to make your account.

What is my username?
Your email address is also your username.

I forgot my password
Reset your password by going to the RESET PASSWORD screen. Enter your email address and follow the prompts. The password reset link is time sensitive - so you must request a new reset if it expires.

Can I share my password with my colleague?
Password sharing is a strict violation of our security practices. You must have your colleague request their own account.
I am not receiving email notifications.
Check your notification preferences under Main Menu > My Profile. Click the event, and trigger and ensure the Email button is green. Click on Email if it's white until it turns green to receieve the notification.

I am still not receiving email notifications.
Please check your spam folders. Sometimes NEDOCS notifications are marked as spam. Please contact us at if you are still not receiving emails.

How do I get SMS notifications?
Add your phone number under My Profile > Devices. You will automatically receive SMS notifications once you successfully add your phone number.
NEDOCS is a communication system and sends volumes of emails per day. Some anti-spam systems may filter our emails. Please get in touch with us if that is the case.

Enterprise Email
NEDOCS is an enterprise notification system. We do not send spam. All emails generated from NEDOCS are initiated by user actions within the system. Users subscribe to these emails via their notification preferences.

NEDOCS Server Addresses
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