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Red Cross Objects to NEDOCS X Icon
Wednesday, January 31, 2018
NEDOCS changed its icon from a plus + sign to an X sign. We did this because of objection from The American Red Cross to our insignia.

However, the TARC still objects to our icon even in the rotated orientation.

"The Red Cross remains concerned about the use and registration of the identical logo in an angled orientation rather than vertical orientation. Because the mark is used in connection with goods/services falling within the medical field, which are obviously of core concern to our client, the American Red Cross is concerned about both likelihood of confusion and dilution relative to the logo. American Red Cross would not object to the logo if it changed the majority color red to another distinguishable color (i.e., not a color that could be interpreted as red or a red derivative). However, merely changing the orientation, without additional distinctive elements that “ground” that changed orientation and revise the fundamental Greek red cross design are still problematic."

Please write to us at to tell us how you feel about our new icon. NEDOCS has no intention on impeding on the goodwill of The American Red Cross. However, we would like to protect our community's identity.

You can read more about the NEDOCS icon and updates to it here: