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NEDOCS Variables and Definitions
Thursday, April 24, 2014
All of the NEDOCS variables are measured at the time score is calculated.

ED Patients
The total number of patients in the ED. Includes all patients who have walked in the door, but have not been discharged. Includes patients in the waiting rooms, and waiting admits in the ED.

ED Beds
Total number of gurneys, chairs, and other treatment benches in use, or staffed. Includes hallways and chairs that are opened up. Do not include un-staffed beds, such as beds in closed areas at night, or un-staffed beds at slow times.

ED Admits
Count all admits waiting for a bed in the ED. Patients moved away from ED to inpatient holding areas should not be counted. Count all ED admits/rollovers/holdovers waiting in ED care for an inpatient bed.

IP Beds
Count all inpatient beds regularly staffed. Can differ from licensed IP beds, if some licensed beds virtually not staffed, or staffed in disaster. Count holding beds, including observation beds.

Last Door to Bed Time
Door to bed time for the last patient to receive a bed. For example: if you’re measuring at 1300 hrs, and the last patient to be placed in a bed was at 1255 hrs, count that patient’s door - bed time. When measuring NEDOCS at 1400 hrs, count the person who received the bed last, between 1300-1400 hrs. If no one was placed in a bed during 1300 and 1400 hrs, count the patient who received bed at 1255 hrs. Always count the most recent patient’s door-bed time.

Longest Admit
Count the longest holdover, admit waiting for an inpatient bed in the ED. If four patients are waiting for an inpatient bed, count the patient waiting longest. Time to admit starts upon decision to admit. Decision to admit typically a joint decision between ED and admitting physician.

1:1 Patients
Count the number of patients in 1:1 care. Includes ventilators, ICU admits, critical care patients, trauma patients, and sometimes includes psych holds. Typically a site specific variable, which should include all patients who require a one-to-one nurse care.