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May Day
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
We’ve been hard at work, and you’ve been feeling the shakes and hearing the cranks. We apologize, again, for the outage on April 13th. The May Day weekend changes will help avoid these issues for good.

While at first it may not seem like we’ve made much progress - and that’s because most of the changes are under the hood. But with a better engine, we’ve also rolled out some aesthetic changes.

First, we’ve made changes to our authentication system. You can now have passwords up to 2048 characters, which will allow us to use certificates in the future. This change will also allow us to have BASIC AUTH based API. Coming soon.

Second we’ve made major javascript restructuring. We’ve moved around calls, and added nifty little things to make the user experience better. Like the shake on invalid logon? Also bugs, and errors related to adding checklist items, notifications, and sending updates should be resolved with this restructuring. Goodbye IE 9.

:: Paging The Doctor ::
Who still uses pagers? "I’ve paged the doctor”, said the charge nurse notifying everyone. There are some reasons still to have the airway pagers, but the internet is obviously the way to go. So now you can page on NEDOCS. Pages are one way short messages beginning and ending with :: ::. The page sends out the notification, and also adds a team update. Free, unlimited pages. Supports Apple Push Notification, and SMS.

We sent out close to 6000 text messages last month. We’d like to receive that many too - so go ahead and talk back.

Besides this, we’ve restructured navigation to make better room for new things coming. iPhone app now supports all the analytics, and user profile settings.