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Average ER Wait Time
Monday, September 14, 2015
How long does it take to get an ED bed on average in the USA? 22 minutes - as of right now.

Over seven years ago we launched with a very simple and clear mission: To track hospital overcrowding. We've registered over 300,000 NEDOCS scores since then, and helped over 2000 hospitals track hospital overcrowding globally.

We've been sitting on a large pile of very important data - some of which we've shared with you over the last few years. But we've never just wanted to be a simple data dump - we really want to publish and provide data that mean something. So we've always been looking to share our data with you in new and meaningful ways. And we're doing that again with the Statistics page:

We're now sharing the average ER wait times, and average ER admit times on our statistics page in a real-time basis. These are data collected from subscribing hospitals which include world-class academic, non-profit, and private facilities.