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Apple Push Notifications
Friday, November 14, 2014
Over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed service interruptions. There were three outages, lasting from a few minutes to two hours.

We’ve investigated, and concluded the root cause to be an abrupt change in the Apple’s policy to discontinue SSL support for push notifications. As per the earlier advisory we made to you regarding POODLE, Apple switched to TLS only quietly:

This change caused NEDOCS iPhones notifications to break, and making vibrations in the rest of the system. This created a connection leak, which caused our infrastructure’s more than sufficient pool to fill up.

As of 100 HRS PST we’ve resolved the issue. Push notifications are flowing through to iOS devices, and the infrastructure is once again stable.

We’ve had virtually zero downtime in 2014, and we take this one to heart. We admit we were caught a bit off-guard by Apple’s short notice. We apologize for the outages, and renew our promise for working hard to minimize downtime for this mission critical app.