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Use of NEDOCS with BH patients
Looking for input on how any hospitals or systems have incorporated Behavioral Health patients into their NEDOCS levels or how they have used NEDOCS to assist in throughput of Behavioral Health patients

6/21/2021 6:49:05 PM
Michelle Schafer, Regional Vice President, Behavioral Health
SSM Health
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>> We do not currently list our behavioral health patients who are going through evaluation in the emergency department as 1:1 in NEDOCS. Thus far, we have reserved it for ICU level admissions or transfers, where the nurse is often tied to the bedside. Although many of our behavioral health patients do require 1:1 observation, its often a sitter or nursing assistant who is continuously tied to the patient. I am also very interested to see what everyone else is doing with this though. Scott Lyerla, Senior Director, Critical Care Services 6/9/2022 8:07 PM