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Bugs, Issues, and Upgrades
Monday, April 21, 2014
There were some critical issues of late, and some old ones. We've worked hard to fix all known issues in the last few days.

There's been a lot going on both in the front of the store and the back. Here are some of the issues we've fixed, and changes we've made.

Time interval values for Longest Admit and Last Bed Time
The interval values for these values were pulling back wrong values. Some users experienced an hour being added to the value.

Heatmap showing wrong colors
In some cases, the heatmap was showing the incorrect color.

Wrong timestamps
The server was recording a timestamp 13 minutes earlier than the actual time of the event.

Daylight savings time
This was an old bug which passed two seasons of DST changes. Fixed.

Some users experienced some slowness, especially on loading. We've added a lot more horsepower, and changed lots of things under the hood. We've also taken away the maps, which added extra time to load for some users.

All issues and bugs vary in difficulty, and depth. Keep reporting any issues you find. We'll be more diligent in reporting current, and known issues.

As always, we apologize for the bad experiences. We sincerely appreciate your patience.